Storm Door Installation

Storm Doors for Columbus & Cleveland OH

Store doors are doors which are placed on the outside of a building and serve the purposes of protecting the home from extreme weather. It is installed to protect and shield the entry door of the home and provides an additional layer of insulation between the said entry door and the outsides. You can find them with self storing glass panels or fixed glass panels. The fixed glass can be replaced in months when storms are not expected with a screen. The self storing type of door has panels of glass that have the ability to slide up or down in an effort to allow for airflow to get inside the house.

Benefits and Advantages of Residential Storm Doors

  • Saves Energy – since these doors are installed outside the entry door they keep additional air outside of the home. This means cooler temperatures inside during the summer months and warmer temperatures for the colder months. Since no air is escaping inwards or outwards your home is able to cool and heat itself more efficiently saving you money on energy bills. Added weather stripping to the doors will enhance their ability to save energy even more.
  • Adds security – since these are additional doors on your doors they add to the security of your home. With locks installed they provide an additional layer of security for gaining access to your house.
  • Durable – since these are designed to withstand extreme weather you know that they are durable. They are also weather stripped, have lockable handles and are usually finished with melted powder coating. This allows them a finish that will keep their exterior from fading.
  • Multi-functional – though storm doors can be used to protect your entry door and your home from the elements it doesn’t act as a barrier that prevents sunlight and air from entering your home if you need them to. The two different options provide you with a means by which you can use them to allow light and air in. the self-storing type has glass panels that can be slid up and down while the fixed type has a glass panel which can be replaced with a screen.

Storm Door Tips and Useful Information

  • Enhance protection – doors with fixed glass panels offer more protection. Since the glass panel can be replaced with a screen you still have the ability to prevent various types of insects from entering your home even when the glass panel is not present. This is not the case in the self storing type.
  • Durability – for more durable storm doors choose those that have welded corner joints. These add strength to the door and enable them to last longer.
  • Increase durability of main entry door. Since the elements don’t get to the main entry door it will have low to no maintenance. This means you may never have to repaint or refinish your doors.
  • Added security – by adding a lock to your storm door you can increase the security of your home. It provides an added barrier which can act as a deterrent to unscrupulous individuals who may want to break into your home.

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