Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are doors with affixed glass that are excellent sources of natural light which in turn adds life and freshness to a room.  As with all sliding glass doors, one half is set permanently in place while the other half is that section that opens by sliding over the fixed portion.  These doors present a unique way of accessing your pool area, deck, back yard, patio or porch.  This is the best way to freely express your sense of style in décor by adding beauty to your home.

Benefits and Advantages of Sliding Glass Patio Doors

  1. Space – Sliding glass doors do not use up lot of space like the usual hinged/swinging doors, but instead they simply slide from left to right/right to left as they do not need space to swing open.  Hinged doors use up almost ten times more space than sliding doors; much of that space can be used for other purposes such as placing tall figurines or stands that can add finishing touches to your décor. 
  2. Safety – Believe it or not, these doors are the safest doors you could ever install in your home.  Sliding glass patio doors that give access to the landing area of your patio offers greater safety as there is a less likely chance that someone will step back and probably fall, compared to that of a swinging door installed at the same place.  Sliding doors are usually much wider than swinging doors, allowing safer entry and exit for persons, especially those who are restricted by a wheel chair.
  3. Transparency – As the name suggests, these doors are made from a transparent material known as glass and as a result, you get an enhanced view of the outdoors.  Transparent doors give any room a more vibrant and brighter appearance, making the room appear larger even when it isn’t.  With the view of the outdoors, your guests will feel comfortable and less confined or constricted.

Sliding Patio Door Tips

  1. Privacy –There are various door options with internal tilt blinds that also add that refined touch to your décor and at the same time allows you to enjoy the privacy of your home. These blinds are versatile which will allow you to control the amount of natural light entering the room.
  2. Cleaning – Sliding glass patio doors can be cleaned by using a lightly damp piece of newspaper or cloth which will help to get rid of months of grime and buildup on your glass. To remove dirt, dust, and debris from the lower track rollers, it is best to use a vacuum as the build up can prevent the door from operating in the way it did when it was just installed.
  3. Finishes and Colors – In order to achieve a very attractive room space, choose an internal wood grain finish that will work well with your furniture.  Your sliding glass patio door not only accentuates your internal space but also the outside, as such choose natural/neutral shades for the frame instead of the usual white or cream finishes.

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