French Patio Doors

French or Hinged patio doors have glass as the majority of the door and have at least one panel that can swing open. You can choose to have a door that opens inward or outward depending on your available space. The majority of these doors swing out onto the patio, porch or deck that they are used for. These often times give you the option of having multiple panels that can open but you can also choose a door that has only a single panel that can be opened. In the latter types you still have a large area of glass that still allows a lot of light inside.

Benefits and Advantages of Hinged/French Patio Doors

  • Can provide more interior space when they swing out. On average you can add up to 28 square feet of space inside your home by choosing this type of door that swings out. All that space that the door doesn’t take up when open can be used to add décor items or lounge chairs etc.
  • Additional circulation – these doors when chosen in the multiple panel design allow you to add to the amount of air that is entering your home. This translates to increased circulation, more natural air and less air conditioning thus reducing your homes energy consumption.
  • Allows for greater enjoyment outdoors views – these doors are usually mainly glass and allow you to let in the beauty of outside even when the doors are closed. You can use these to view your landscaping, far off mountains, tree line, property line etc.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – by themselves hinged patio doors can add a lot of appeal to your home. You can choose them in a finish that will complement or match your existing décor or you can choose them to match or contrast with the paint color of the outside of your home.

Tips about Hinged Patio Doors

  • Placement – though these types of doors can be used within the home between rooms they are not always ideal for this purpose. They can be used between a sunroom and a library or a sunroom and living room or even a sunroom and kitchen or dining area. There are so many choices.
  • Safety – since this will be used as an entry door they mostly come with break resistant glass but this may not always be the case. The newer types are made with shatter resistant glass so ensure that you always ask what the make year is as well as if it is resistant to breaking.
  • Energy Efficiency – for doors that provide optimal energy savings choose doors that are made with double glazed glass. These are better at keeping the inside air in and the outside air out and as such can enable you to see great savings on your energy bill no matter what time of the year.
  • Cleaning – since these open out or inwards they can be easily cleaned with an appropriate cleaning solution and a wet rag. If the door is framed in wood you will need to get an appropriate cleaner for wooden surfaces.

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