Front Entry Doors

Entry Doors in Cleveland & Columbus

Front entry doors are the first thing that any one sees when they come to visit excepting for your façade or your siding. Your entry door can be used to make a statement by its design or even its color. If you are in need of a new door or are choosing a door for a new construction you want to choose a door that will have function as well as style. You can find your front entry doors made from a variety of different materials and having a variety of different designs. Since these doors lead to the outside you want to choose doors that are weather proof and doors that provide safety by means of a sturdy lock system.

How can you benefit from adding new front entry doors to your home?

  • It can add to the safety of your home. A sturdy door made from strong materials and having an equally strong and durable locking mechanism can greatly protect your family and the valuables inside your home.  A safe door is also a door that has been treated to withstand weather and to keep the elements out.
  • It can add appeal to your home. Choosing a door that is made with decorative elements is very common place for front entry doors. Most often doors made from wood that have decorative if stained glass incorporated into the design are chosen. You can also find doors made of other types of material that mimic wood that provide the advantage of not being susceptible to rot and warping over time.
  • Can increase the energy efficiency of your home. This is usually achieved with doors made from manmade materials but can also be achieved with steel doors that have a foam insulation that is energy efficient. These types of doors while not common for front entry doors are resistant to a number of things such as warping, shrinking and swelling. They come ready to paint being pre-primed by the manufacturer or seller.

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