Triple Pane Windows

Larmco has been the leader in high performance triple pane windows for over twenty years.  The US Department of Energy estimates that as much as 70% of energy could be wasted through your inefficient windows and doors.  Larmco Triple pane windows were engineered to best combat this loss.  Triple pane windows have three panes of glass and two insulating air chambers and perform over 50% more efficiently than their double pane counterparts.  Larmco triple pane windows are also very quiet and reduce sound transmission considerably.  Triple pane windows from Larmco are the best choice for energy efficiency and interior comfort.  The Solar UltraS Triple Pane Glass® system from Larmco was engineered and solar tuned to maximize energy efficiency in climates where heating and air conditioning are both used as the seasons change.

The Solar UltraS Triple Pane Glass® system delivers a stellar NFRC .19 u-factor, .18 SHGC, .37 VT and 72 CR.  Solar UltraS Triple Pane Glass® is comprised of a 1” thick overall insulated glass unit with three panes of monolithic annealed glass separated by Edgetech’s premium Super Spacer® which contains no metal.  Each of the two air chambers is filled with 90+% argon gas, 40% denser than air.  Krypton gas which is three times denser than Argon gas is also optionally available which further increases the energy efficiency to an unbelievable NFRC .16 u-factor.

Two glass surfaces are each treated with high performance sputter coated low e coatings.  The treated surface closest to the outdoors uses PPG’s Solar Ban 70XL® which is designed to reduce air conditioning bills as it reflects more of the sun’s heat back outside.  The treated surface closest to the indoors uses Guardian’s ClimaGuard RLE 71/38® which is designed to reduce heating bills as it holds more your furnace’s heat in your home.  These high performance low-e glass coatings have over 50% better insulating value than standard clear glass, resulting in significantly lower energy costs.

Larmco triple pane windows with the overall 1” thick triple pane insulated glass package reduce the sound transmission over their 7/8” and 3/4”double pane counterparts.  Quite simply it will be the quietest window you will ever own, bringing a new level of peace and quiet into your home.

Grids are also available in contour, flat, pencil and beveled etched glass styles.  Typically the interior and exterior color of your grids will be matched to your new Larmco windows but optionally you can select other color choices as well.  The beveled etched glass style is precision machine etched into the glass itself and can be frosted or clear in color.  Numerous grid patters are also available to fit most any style home.  Contact your Larmco Sales Representative for a complete list.  Glass tinting and obscuring can also be optionally added to bring an even higher level of privacy into your home. 

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