Specialty Windows

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Creating additional light sources and accenting existing windows and architecture on a home, spcialty windows allow homeowners an element of customization that other windows cannot. Geometric specialty windows come in a variety of styles and finishes and are normally fixed, meaning they cannot be opened. Sometimes these are custom built for a specific space and so you may not be able to find replacement windows readily available for sale in stores.

Most manufacturers of these windows allow you to come in with your specifications and then they build the window to fit. This allows for full customization of your home and for personalization of your project. Available in unique shapes and sizes, the majority of specialty windows on the market come pre-finished and are available in a number of styles and colors so they can be installed upon delivery.

Some Available Specialty Windows:

  1. Octagon Windows – These windows have eight sides in the shape of an octagon. You can find them in a number of varieties with different types of frames and designs. You can find them in wood, aluminum or vinyl frames and shaped like regular or elongated octagons.
  2. Hexagon Windows – A more unique variety, you will find them with various features and styles. There are also a number of manufacturers that give buyers a wide range of colors to choose from.
  3. Pentagon Windows – This type of windows have five sides and come in a regular pentagon and an irregular pentagon shape. You can also choose plain glass or designed glass to place inside the frame.
  4. Rectangle Windows – This type of specialty windows is the most popular geometric windows because of its simplicity. They can be used as fixed windows to form larger shapes or objects along with conventional windows and other geometric windows.
  5. Eyebrow Windows – Also called eyelash windows, they get are named because of their half-almond shape. They are usually placed on the roofs or eaves of houses.
  6. Quarter Circle Windows – These are another commonly seen type of geometric window. These are generally used above doors or above rectangular windows. They are usually placed pairs so they look like a half circle. You can find these in fixed styles as well as in styles that open.
  7. Half Circle Windows – These are popular and sometimes are hard to distinguish from quarter circle windows. These are used in smaller areas than quarter circle windows as they are easier to install in this way.
  8. Circle Windows – Circle windows bring a nautical theme to the rooms they illuminate. They are commonly used in bathrooms and come with varying designs in the glass and frame to add to aesthetics.
  9. Circle Top Windows – This type of window is visually similar to half circle windows and may be hard to tell apart. They are more commonly found on regular homes while on larger buildings you will find half circle windows.
  10. Triangle Windows – These windows are generally placed in roofs towards the front of a house. They are also used in attics and rooms at the top of the house. They are often times used over doors and over other rectangular windows as well.
  11. Trapezoid Windows – These are usually placed above rectangular windows, high upon the wall close to the roof. This allows a lot of light into the room while not conflicting with one’s privacy.

Make your home stand out from the rest with unique geometric and specialty windows. For specialty replacement window options beyond what are listed here, view our catalog and call Larmco to discuss the Ohio-made options we can provide.

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