Sliding Windows in Cleveland and Columbus, OH

Vinyl slider windows are also called sliding windows or gliding windows. These types of windows slide open. They usually have only one pane that can slide with the other being fixed. The pane that can slide sits in a track which allows it to move. They are quite similar to the double hung window with the only difference being that they do not open up or down but instead to the side.

Benefits and Advantages of Vinyl Sliding Windows

  1. Low Maintenance; this is due mainly to the fact that they have a smaller amount of parts than other types of windows. Being low maintenance gives them another advantage at the same time of being cost effective.
  2. Long-lasting; since these don’t have parts that wear out over time such as pulleys and springs.  They are also glazed which adds durability and longevity outside of the durability of vinyl. They are more durable because of the materials that make them as well as the way they are made.
  3.  User friendly; these are suitable for anyone, even those who may have difficulties opening other windows. They require minimal effort, not only to open but also to close as well. to open these windows you simple release the latch and slide them to the side.
  4. Energy saving; this is due both to their make and design as well as the fact that they have been glazed. While many of the older models do not have the glazing present on them, all newer ones tend to have this feature. This is because the majority of homeowners today are seeking ways to make their homes more energy efficient.

Slider Window Maintenance Tips 

  1. Cleaning; cleaning the inside of sliding windows is generally very easy but the outside is usually another matter especially during the winter months. What you can do is to clean your windows just before winter so that there is minimal need for cleaning during these months.
  2. Fixing a bent frame; many times people report that their sliding window frame has bent. If you are handy with your hands you just need to two tools to fix this; a rubber hammer and a level. First use the level to determine where the bend is then use the rubber hammer to straighten it. Though you may not get the frame back to its original condition you may be able to straighten it out enough for the window to slide easily or easier in its tracks.
  3. Versatility; they can be used in all climates and all weather all year round. They are very useful for emergency exits as they can be opened in any weather even if there is ice on your window. This is a great reason for using these types of windows in your home.
  4. Window treatments; use window treatments that can easily slide out of the way just like the window itself. You can use grommets or regular cloth or drapery panels. You can also use vertical or horizontal blinds as well with valances at the top to add a design element and some pizzazz.

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