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Spring Sale on Sliding Windows

Make large window spaces easier to open with vinyl sliding windows. Customizable colors and styles let in loads of warm sunlight while lightening the stress of opening and closing.

These vinyl replacement windows have one pane that slides to the side along a track while the other is fixed in place. The simple design and large size makes them ideal for many spaces in your home. 

Benefits and Advantages of Vinyl Sliding Windows

Vinyl sliding windows

  1. Low Maintenance – Sliding windows have fewer sections compared to other types of windows making them easy to maintain and clean.
  2. Durability – Sliding windows don’t have parts that wear out such as pulleys and springs which makes them a long-lasting vinyl window option. In addition to the standard durability of vinyl, these windows have an additional layer of glaze which adds durability and longevity.
  3. Easily Opened – These are suitable for anyone, even those who may have difficulties opening other windows. Simply release the latch and slide to the side to open the window
  4. Energy Efficiency – The combination of design features limiting drafts and an included layer of glaze treatment makes sliding windows an energy efficient window option. 

Tips for Choosing Sliding Windows

Living room sliding window

  1. Versatility – Sliding windows can be used in all climates and weather year round. They are very useful as emergency exits and can be opened in any weather - even if there is ice on your window!
  2. Window Treatments – Use window treatments that can easily slide out of the way along with the window itself. You can use grommets, regular cloth, or drapery panels. You can also use vertical or horizontal blinds with valances at the top to add a personal touch.

As a fire-code friendly, easy-opening, and large-frame product, sliding windows offer a lot of features to those making replacement windows investments in Ohio. When installed by Larmco certified contractors, you also receive the limited lifetime warranty, protecting your investment for as long as you own your home.

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