Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung vinyl windows are a type of sliding window that slide open vertically and upwards. The top sash is fixed and the bottom sash moves upwards to open and downwards to close. These are among the most affordable vinyl windows available. 

Benefits and Advantages of Single-Hung Vinyl Windows

  1. Energy Efficient; these tend to be more efficient than double hung windows due to the fact that they contain fewer working parts. The seaming on these windows also helps prevent leaking cool or hot air.
  2. Versatile; Single hung windows work well with other window styles if a small number of replacement windows are needed. They are also a great option for homes that have limited space and cannot accommodate windows that open outwards.
  3. Affordable; these tend to be one of the most affordable types of windows. To get the best bang for your buck you should compare window types and features to see which would prove to be most cost effective.

Single-Hung Window Tips

  1. Cleaning – more modern single hung windows feature a tilting sash which allows you to easily clean the window. When tilting it for cleaning, be careful to provide adequate support as the sash may be very heavy depending on the size of your window
  2. Placement – these types of windows can be used anywhere but work best in hallways, rooms, and porches or patios where space is limited.
  3. Installation – while this type of window is one of the easiest to install, to protect your purchase, we recommend that you opt for professional installation of your windows. This prevents your warranty from being voided and ensures that your windows are properly installed.
  4. Aesthetics – Single hung windows from Larmco are available in classic white as well as other colors to match your home.

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