Picture Windows in Cleveland and Columbus, OH

Vinyl picture windows are basically oversized windows that consist of mainly glass and a small but distinguished frame. They are usually placed in an area where they frame a view on the outside and hence the reason they are called picture windows. Looking though a picture window would be like look at a painting hanging on a wall. They can be used to frame views such as gardens, far off mountain ranges, the ocean or the skyline of a city among other things. They usually extend horizontally more than they do vertically to provide the viewer with a more panoramic view. You will find that they are also referred to as fixed windows since they do not open.

Benefits and Advantages Of Picture Windows

  1. Energy Efficiency – since these windows don’t open they have a tight seal that is not variable. This also means that there are no glide tracks or other moving parts to let air in. this means that they will keep your inside air in and your outside air out at all times.
  2. Safer -  since the majority of these are made with tempered glass and tempered glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass you can be sure that they are not easily broken. They also don’t have any locks that can be picked nor do they have moving parts or screens to pry. This makes them unattractive to crooks.
  3. Versatility – they can be custom made and can be paired with any other type of window. They are often times also used as the focal point for where the other windows are placed and even how the house is built in terms of layout of its rooms.
  4. Illumination – replacement picture windows are ideal for letting loads of sunlight into your home without the accompanying heat. They allow the sun to come in unobstructed by having only glass and by the way they are shaped; horizontally wider.

Vinyl Picture Window Tips

  1. Placement – These are ideal for homes that have a view of the mountains or the ocean as well as those that are on top of a hill or that have a beautiful garden.  They are also ideal for homes that have landscaped yards that include water features such as a cascading waterfall, fountain, a gazebo or even a greenhouse.
  2.  Use – If these are primarily for illumination they can ideally be placed in a breakfast nook or sun room.  Wherever they are placed you will have a warm and cheery space that will be very welcoming to other members of the family and also for guests.
  3. Window Treatments – Though one may think that using a window treatment on vinyl picture windows defeats the purpose of having a picture window, window treatments are absolutely necessary for some individuals. If you must use window treatments use those that can slide away from the window easily or use sheer fabrics that allow light in even when closed. Take note of the width of your window as if it is quite large you may need to get custom curtains or drapes made. This can be advantageous in the sense that you get the opportunity to get a window treatment that is totally you and it has the disadvantage of being more expensive.

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