Picture Windows

If you have a beautiful view from your home that you’d like to see through a large, pane-less window, a picture window is perfect for you. Picture windows are oversized windows featuring small, but distinguished frames. Typically picture windows, also known as fixed windows, are installed to create a frame around a natural view.

When replacing windows in your home, some areas may not need one that opens to the outdoors, so a picture window will be perfect. Larmco installs replacement windows of all types and sizes for homeowners in Ohio, and can help you decide on the right variety for your home.

Benefits and Advantages Of Picture Windows

Vinyl picture windows

  1. Energy Efficiency – These windows do not open which means that they have a tight seal that will keep your inside air in and outside air out.
  2. Safety – Most picture windows are made with tempered glass which is up to five times stronger than regular glass, making this type of glass difficult to break.
  3. Versatility – They can be custom made and paired with any other type of window. They are often times used as the focal point for where the other windows are placed and even how the layout of a house’s rooms are built.
  4. Illumination – Replacement picture windows are ideal for letting loads of sunlight into your home without obstruction. 

Tips for Choosing Vinyl Picture Windows 

  1. Placement – These are ideal for homes that have views of natural features such as hillsides, bodies of water, or a beautiful garden.  Placing a picture window in view of the sun brings natural warmth and light throughout a room in addition to the enjoyable exterior view.
  2. Practicality – If these are primarily for illumination they can be placed in a breakfast nook or sun room.  Wherever they are placed you will have a warm and cheery space that will be very welcoming to people in your home.
  3. Window Treatments – If you decide to install window treatments, use those that can slide away from the window easily or use sheer fabrics that allow light in even when closed. Remember to plan your treatment decisions around the size of the window. 

If you need a new window for a central room in your home where you might want a better view of the outdoors, a picture window makes perfect sense to install. When you work with Larmco certified contractors to place your new windows, you receive the added value of our limited lifetime warranty, protecting you against potential issues for as long as you own your home.

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