Garden Windows

Vinyl garden windows are wonderfully aesthetic as they are functional. They have the ability to beautify your home both inside and out. They offer you energy savings and the many advantages of vinyl windows. They are created in the shape of a box and extend out from the structure of your home, leaving a good amount of useable space on the window sill. This allows them to give an illusion of added space in the interior of your home and also adds a lot of natural light.

Garden Window Benefits and Advantages 

  1. Adds space to rooms they are used in: this type of window does not lie in line with the wall. This allows a shelf looking appearance and allows room for plants or other decorative elements. This provides the illusion of a larger space since there are items placed within the window space that could not be placed in a traditional window sill.
  2. Adds beauty both on the inside and the outside of the home; since the extra space on these windows is used mainly for planting small plants it adds a decorative element. You can opt to plant flowers or small herbs or to place decorative items on the available space.
  3. Are ideal for planting space if you do not have any outdoor space to plant in; This could be for those who are renting in an apartment building or who live in a highly populated suburb where space is tight. Also ideal for those who would rather use their outdoor space for something else such as a place for entertaining guests etc.
  4. Good for plants who cannot survive harsh weather outside; some plants don’t grow so well in direct sunlight while others don’t grow too well in the colder months. Planting them here could keep them at the right temperature all year round while they still get adequate sunlight to grow and thrive.

Tips About Vinyl Garden Windows

  1. Placement – These types of windows are usually placed behind the kitchen sink but can also be placed on front porches as well. When placed in the kitchen they are used to grow mainly small herbs ad when placed on front porches they are used to grow flowers.
  2. Cleaning – Use glass cleaner on the inside and outside of the glass for best cleaning results. Ensure that you remove your plants so that you don’t get any glass cleaner on them which could have a damaging effect.
  3. Uses – For planting multiple items use several small planters on your window sill. If you will be planting only one or two types of plant you can opt for a larger planter that will take up the entire space on the sill. Then you can plant your different items on either end of the box.
  4. Planting options – You can plant a lot more than small flowers and herbs. You can plant peppers, sprouts, small lettuces, chervil and the usual picks such as basil, thyme and oregano.

If you need a garden window replacement choosing one that is made from vinyl could be your best purchase decision yet. You will be able to save money on your energy bill and your grocery bill at the same time by growing a portion of what you eat or use in the kitchen. Call Larmco today to get started!

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