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If you’re short on space and natural light in an area like your kitchen, garden windows can be a double solution. Jutting out from the wall of a home in the shape of a box with an angled lid, they feature a small shelf in the space within the window walls. This creates the effect of added space in the interior of your home and also adds a lot of natural light.

With the vinyl, ohio-made garden windows offered by Larmco, the solid, air-tight construction offers energy savings as well. As a great replacement window option, there are numerous additional features that you can read here.

Benefits and Advantages of Garden Windows

Vinyl garden window

  1. Functionality – This type of window does not lie in line with the wall, and creates a shelf for plants or other decorative elements. This provides the illusion of a larger space since there are items placed within the window space that could not be placed in a traditional window sill.
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing – In addition to the bright light that garden windows allow in, the shelf space is used most commonly used for placing small, decorative plants. This space allows you to be creative with the new decorative space and truly make it your own.
  3. Energy Efficient – The air-tight construction allows in warm light and prevents drafts so that they are perfect for saving money and placing sensitive plants in the winter time. Plants set here can maintain the right temperature all year round while they still get adequate sunlight to grow and thrive.

Tips for Choosing Vinyl Garden Windows

  1. Placement – These types of windows are usually placed behind the kitchen sink but can also be placed on front porches as well. When placed in the kitchen they are good for growing small herbs and when placed on front porches they are used to grow flowers.
  2. Cleaning – Use glass cleaner on the inside and outside of the glass for best cleaning results. Ensure that you remove your plants so that you don’t get any glass cleaner on them which could have a damaging effect.
  3. Installation – Garden windows should not be installed by anyone other than certified professionals because of their cumbersome size compared to other window types

If you need a garden window replacement choosing one that is made from vinyl could be your best purchase decision yet. You will be able to save money on your energy bill and your grocery bill at the same time by growing a portion of what you use in the kitchen.

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