Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't all vinyl windows really about the same?

Will I really save energy on my heating and cooling costs?

What happens if the thermal seal of the glass goes bad?

How long is it before I have to pay for a service call, if needed?

Who will perform the actual installation of my windows?

How long does a window installation usually take?

What about the old windows and all the mess from the installation?

How can we finance our purchase?

How are LARMCO windows priced?

How long will it take before my windows are ready to install?

Are there advantages to vinyl over wood?

Can you install year round?


No. There are many different ways windows are manufactured and many different quality levels. Also, there are many different types of thermal glass systems. Both contribute to the overall cost.

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Yes! Because of the high R-value with the exclusive Omega glass system in LARMCO Windows, you are assured of energy savings.

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Every LARMCO glass unit has a non-prorated lifetime warranty against seal failure.

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LARMCO Windows come with an exclusive lifetime guarantee that includes "free" in-home service calls for any factory service work as a result of a defect in material or workmanship. Your cost will be $0.

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LARMCO's own trained craftsmen will install your new windows with pride and expertise. This will ensure both a quality installation and a beautiful job every time.

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Most homes with up to 12 to 15 windows can be completed in one day, including clean up. Some jobs may require finishing up on a second day.

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All job debris is removed and the job is cleaned up very well inside and out.

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LARMCO's in-home financing department has many options which can usually help out any family, whatever their individual needs may be.

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Our customers tell us they're a great value, plus LARMCO offers a unique money back guarantee to ensure your best value is always LARMCO windows.

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Usually within 4-5 weeks.

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Yes, many. LARMCO vinyl windows are all custom made for a perfect fit. Most wood windows are standard size and won't fit without a great deal of construction or carpentry work.

When LARMCO finishes the job, it's finished and beautiful. When wood windows are installed, the hard part of sanding, staining and sealing just begins.

With LARMCO's exclusive vinyl replacement lifetime warranty, you are assured of no out-of-pocket expenses later. Most wood window warranties are for shorter periods of time.

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Yes. LARMCO trained installers have methods that allow for year round installation without harm to your home or comfort.

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