Double-Hung Windows in Cleveland and Columbus, OH

Double-hung windows are the most popular style today. Advanced engineering make these double-hung windows unbelievably easy to open and close. They come in two main variations; horizontal and vertical and allow the homeowner to open both parts of the window whether top or bottom or left or right. The glass is installed on tracks and slides in either direction. You will find that these types of windows are among the most commonly available windows and are the most affordable even in the vinyl window category. They come in a variety of sizes so you can find them for any room in your house.

Benefits and Advantages of Vinyl Double-Hung Windows

  1. Safe; vertical double hung windows are suitable with homeowners with small children or pets as they give you the opportunity to open only the top portion of the window where pets and children will not be able to reach. This means that your kids are safe even with windows open and you don’t have to worry about them throwing your valuables outside.
  2. Versatile; these can be used in any home no matter what style or era it is modeled after. They come in various shapes and sizes and so can be used in rooms throughout the house. You can also get them in different colors as well.
  3. Can be easily used along with screens and air conditioners; they don’t hinder placement of these because of how they open. They slide up and down or right and left and do not protrude out or in so they can be used with AC units and insect and bug screens.
  4. Can be cleaned easily; this is mainly due to their design. This is especially true of the newer types that have sashes that tilt out so they can easily be wiped clean. You will also find double hung windows with removable sashes which means you could even wash them under running water.

Double-Hung Window Tips

  1. Getting the most energy savings; For increased energy efficiency you should have your double hung windows custom fitted. This allows you to take full advantage of quadruple window stripping which is not achieved when you don’t get custom windows.
  2. Increase aesthetic appeal. One way you can increase the visual appeal of these types of windows is to choose those that have patterned glass. You can find glass with patterns being very simple to those with very intricate detail.
  3. Ensure they are professionally installed. Though you may be tempted to do installation yourself to save on money this is never recommended. You can get the best use out of your windows if they are professionally installed.
  4.  Cleaning; for ease of cleaning you can choose windows with removable sashes or tilt out sashes. These allow you to clean the windows faster since all you need to do is simply wipe away the dirt or dust with a damp cloth. Removable ones are especially easy as they can be washed in a sink and be left to dry then replaced. This is a lot simpler than using conventional cleaning methods.

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