Replacement Casement Windows

Casement windows open horizontally, inward and outward, similar to the way you open a door. These types of windows differ from others in that they have cranks instead of sashes and the entire window can be opened.

Benefits and Advantages of Casement Windows

  1. Safe – Vinyl casement windows are one of the hardest types of windows to break into due to the locking mechanism feature. A lock is embedded in the frame and shaped like a hook. Since the lock is within the frame of the window, it is more difficult to pry open.
  2. Can open completely – Most types of windows don’t allow for the entire window space to be open; this is not true of casement windows. Casement windows have the ability to swing the entire window open, creating maximum exposure to the outside.
  3. Energy efficient – Casement windows provide a better seal than other types of windows due to the way the window is closed. When the wind blows against the window it presses the window against the frame making the seal even tighter.

Casement Window Tips

  1. Placement – Casement windows can open outward making them ideal for use in areas where it is hard to reach for a window to lift or slide it open. This includes in areas such as over appliances, sinks, counters etc.
  2. Safety and Escape – Vinyl casement windows fulfill fire code requirement making them a popular choice for bedrooms and basements. Because they are able to open all the way, even if the window is not overly large, the average person can use the window as an escape in case of a fire or some other emergency.
  3. Maintenance and Cleaning – Casement windows can be completely opened making them easy to clean. You can also disengage the arm hinge so that you can fully access the tracks, the frame and the glass for cleaning.

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