Awning Windows

Ohio homeowners in the Cleveland and Columbus metropolitan areas have plenty of options when it comes to window replacement for their home. Awning windows is one of those options. All awning replacement windows are typically the same. They have a hinged top and the sash opens outward from the top with the use of a crank, very much like casement windows. The main difference is the direction in which they open. They also do not open as fully as casement windows do but have a number of different advantages.

Benefits and Advantages of Vinyl Awning Windows

  1. Ventilation – Due to the way in which they are designed they can be installed higher up on walls than other types of windows. This means that you still get the ventilation of a wide open window without having to compromise on your privacy.
  2. More useable wall space – Since these types of windows can be placed high up on walls there will be more wall space in your home. This gives you the opportunity to maximize the layout of your furniture while being able to add more decorative wall elements.
  3. Moisture protection – these windows are ideal for persons who live in wetter climates. They are capable of remaining open during a shower of rain and still keep the water out due to how they are designed. When closed they also offer paramount protection against the inflow of moisture and air which also means that they have the added benefit of being energy efficient.
  4. Visually attractive – Awning replacement windows have a modern-day look which allows them to go well with almost any style house. They are also among the few types of windows that open in this way.

Awning Window Tips and Useful Information

  1. Placement – these types of windows can be used in rooms where you would like to have a lot of natural light but are concerned about privacy. This makes them suitable for use in bathrooms. They are mounted high on the wall and so the natural light can come inside unobstructed while not allowing neighbors or passersby to see what is going on inside.
  2. Installation – ensure that these windows won’t be installed in a high traffic outdoor area. This is because someone could very well hurt themselves while passing the window. Places you should probably not install these windows close to are porches, sidewalks or terraces.
  3. Cleaning – this type of window will need to be cleaned frequently so you will need to add it to your weekly list of chores to ensure that it stays in tip top condition at all times. Regardless of needing to clean them regularly they can be easily cleaned so you won’t use too much time at one cleaning session if cleaned frequently.
  4. Ventilation – If you are the type of person who likes to get air from outside into your home instead of using the air conditioner in certain months, small awning windows that are placed high up the wall are an ideal choice. They can be left slightly open, or fully open to let in air while keeping you secure knowing no one can enter your home through them.

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