Replacement Vinyl Windows in Columbus and Cleveland, OH

Vinyl replacement windows are a popular choice for homeowners and contractors in recent times. There are many reasons one would and should these types of windows. Once you decide to choose these replacement windows you will find that you have a good amount of variety to choose from. Each style of window offers its own set of advantages some unique to that particular or common among all types of vinyl windows. Among the top advantages is the fact that they are affordably priced, easy to clean and maintain, are highly durable, energy efficient and will last a long time. They help you to save not only on your initial purchase price but also on cooling and heating costs in the future. You won’t ever need to stain or paint these and they will be installed in a jiffy. Here are a couple of the various types of vinyl replacement windows available on the market.  

  • Vinyl Thermal Glass Windows – these usually come with multiple panes, usually two or three to be exact. These have the major advantage of allowing less heat to get out of the home during the winter months and keeping that heat out during the summer months. They therefore considerably lower energy bills.
  • Vinyl Single Hung Windows – these are among the most affordable types of vinyl windows available. They offer you the option of opening the window in two separate directions and are opened from the bottom.
  • Vinyl Double Hung Windows – you can find these to open both vertically and horizontally. They are opened by sliding the panes left or right for vertical windows or up and down for horizontal windows. You will find this type of window in a number of different sizes to suit the size of your room or budget.
  • Vinyl Casement Windows – this type of window does not slide up or down or left or right and instead swing open just the way a door would open. They also do not have sashes to open them but instead have cranks. These are best placed over appliances, sinks or countertops where it would be more convenient to pull or push the window open than to slide it in any direction.
  • Vinyl Picture Windows – these are given their name because they are usually placed in spots in the home where they frame a particular view. They most often are installed along with other windows in some sort of configuration and offer viewers and unobstructed view of whatever they are framing.
  • Vinyl Slider Windows – these types of windows are a bit self explanatory. They feature one fixed side and another side that sits within a track and hence can slide open and closed.
  • Vinyl Awning Windows – these types of windows feature hinges at the top. They open out from the bottom with the use of a crank.
  • Vinyl Bay/Bow Windows – these types of windows are both characterized by a minimum of three windows in one frame. They are differentiated by the shape they have. The bay window usually has double hung windows with the center lite being bigger than those at the side while the Bow window has all windows of equal size.
  • Vinyl Garden Windows – these usually come in the shape of a box and extend from the house in an outward manner. They are usually found behind the sink in kitchens and the extra space they provide is usually used for growing small herb plants.
  • Vinyl Specialty and Geometric Windows – if you want that wow factor and curb appeal for you home, specialty windows are the way to go. There are many different styles to choose from to satisfy the style of any homeowner. Whether you use them alone or combine them with operable windows, there is no better way to add character to your home's exterior.

No matter what type of window you choose to put in your home it is best to have it installed by a reputable replacement window contractor like Larmco and not by yourself. This ensures that your window lasts the longest and provides you with optimal savings and comfort.