Siding Materials Comparison

If you are wondering about the best home siding materials options, you have a number to choose from. By researching the various types as this can help you make the decision on a number of levels and find out about some unique options. Among the different types of siding you can pick from are vinyl, wood, fiber cement and more. Take a look below for a short overview of each type and why you may want to choose them:

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  1. Insulated Vinyl Siding – The most popular siding across the United States, vinyl siding is the preferred choice for contractors for home renovation. They appreciate this option because of the many advantages it has to offer and the fact that it is long lasting, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, is very aesthetically appealing, is one of the most affordable types of siding and comes in a number of options.
  2. Fiber Cement Siding – This kind of siding is very heavy as it made from layers of compacted cement and fiber. It is flame retardant but installing it poses a big health risk as there is silica dust contained with the product. You will find some products come pre-painted while others do not.
  3. Cedar Siding – Generally very expensive, they often come pre primed or stained. Some types are left untreated and over time they turn into a silverfish color. While this gives you a beautiful finish and can resist the elements and repel bugs it is very high maintenance to prevent rotting.
  4. Composite or Wood Siding - this type of siding is typically made from wood byproducts such as wood discs, chips, wafers and even sawdust. These come at ridiculously low costs but they have a very high failure rate and are prone to mold and structural damage and rotting.
  5. Metal Siding – the materials used for this type of siding are usually aluminum and steel. These are not used on houses and are mainly used on shops and barns. They are prone to rusting and denting and you probably can’t find them anywhere as most types have been discontinued anyway.
  6. Stucco Siding – is usually made from a mixture of cement, lime and sand. There are three different types of this siding and works well in dry climates but can fail considerably in wet climates.
  7. Rock or Stone Siding – this type of siding can be made from manufactured rock siding or synthetic or real rocks and stones. This is usually only used as an accent and is really beautiful and if real rocks are used it is very durable and low maintenance. However this type of siding is expensive and requires special care especially if synthetic rock is used.
  8. Fiberglass Siding – this type of siding gives you an appealing look and comes in a maintenance free finish. You will find this in a number of lengths and colors and it is resistant to rust and oxidation damage. It cost more than vinyl though and requires more time for installation.

It's important to take your time to make the right siding material choice for your home. If you need help deciding on house siding, please contact our representatives through the form on this page.

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