Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding is an affordable alternative to other more costly methods of siding.  This type of siding is used instead of conventional vinyl siding and has a number or benefits to both builders and homeowners. Whether you are doing a new construction or are renovating your current home you should definitely keep insulated vinyl in mind. It gives the benefit of being able to lower your energy consumption that is a feature that many homeowners are looking for when choosing materials to use on, in and around their homes. This is one of the greatest benefits of insulated vinyl siding but not the only one.

Benefits and Advantages of Insulated Vinyl Siding

  • Energy Efficiency – Insulated Vinyl Siding is capable of providing up to a 20% increase in a homeowners energy savings. It features approximately 5 X the “R: value of other traditional backers.
  • Durability – Insulated vinyl siding will not warp, sag, dent and is seamless and good for repelling termites and provides protection against even extreme weather. This makes it good for use in all weather and climate conditions.
  • Comfort – this type of siding doesn’t allow for the growth of mold and is not permeable to air. This means that air such as moist air will not be able to get through it and collect in the insulation to cause mold growth. Less air in also means more heat when it’s needed and more cool air when it’s needed as well.
  • Smoother construction – if you have irregularities in your wall, insulated vinyl siding is perfect for the job. It covers imperfections and gives you a smooth outer wall.
  • Low Maintenance – insulated vinyl siding doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to keep its durability. It can easily be cleaned and may require no cleaning at all depending on the area you live in and the color of siding that you choose to use.

Vinyl Siding Tips and Useful Information

  • Lowering installation cost – to lower your installation costs even more you can purchase large sizes of vinyl. Insulated vinyl siding comes in a variety of sizes and larger sizes can be installed quicker and at a lower cost as well.
  • Installation at windows and corners – these areas are tricky if you are not using the right pieces. For this particular reason there are specially made pieces that go to the corners and at windows that make installation easy and good looking.
  • Why to choose this over other products – this has a lower installation time than other types of insulating siding that feature a foam backing.
  • Cleaning – cleaning your insulated vinyl siding is very easy. Just use your garden hose and rinse it down. If you live in an area where rainfall is common then you may not even need to do any cleaning at all.

Insulated vinyl siding is definitely a good choice and the best part about it is that installing vinyl has no disadvantages. So this is literally a win, win situation. You get a good quality product at an affordable price and one that has the ability to last beyond your lifetime.

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