Larmco uses over 20 different banks and financial lending institutions to get you the best finance program possible.  If Larmco can’t get you financed for your home improvement, chances are nobody can.  Right now we have five select programs going for a limited time that allows most anyone the opportunity to love their home with Larmco home improvements:

1.  Receive 0% interest financing for up to 3 full years or 36 months!

2. Receive up to 6 months deferred payments and make no payment for 6 months!

3. Receive low monthly payments as low as $50 / month or 1 ¼% of your total purchase!

4.Receive interest rates as low as 3.99% APR!

5. Receive up to $35,000 in unsecured credit line for maximizing your home improvement projects!

If you have questions about Larmco's financing options, or would like to apply over the phone, call Larmco today at our financing hotline:

844 2 LARMCO


Apply for Instant Financing

Some restrictions apply. Minimum purchase may apply. Must be approved to receive financing options. Not all applicants will qualify for financing. If not paid in full during promotional period, interest will be calculated at rates as high as 27.99%.  Only one of the above financing options may be used in any one purchase and multiple offers can’t be combined.  Some applicants may not qualify for any of the above special programs.